Services for Basement Repair in Baltimore

Foundation Repair

Some homeowners use their basements for storage or as a utility room and some create more usable space like a man cave, sewing room, recreation room or spare bedroom. No matter how you use your basement, the foundation of your home and your basement can be compromised and damaged by water if you don’t take steps to prevent it. The following are the services you can expect for Basement repair in Baltimore, Maryland and the services that help prevent issues that cause damage in your basement and foundation.

Basement Wall Repairs

* Reinforcement – Wall reinforcement and/or reconstruction helps with walls that are already in poor condition or that are collapsed and beyond repair. Carbon fiber reinforcement is one technique used for residential and commercial basement wall structural damage repair and reinforcement.

* Bracing – Basement walls that have the potential to collapse or that appear to be weak due to damage or foundation problems can be braced after foundation repairs are made.

* Grouting – Wall grouting in basements is a common way to improve the appearance and the function of basement walls. Walls that are bowed or have problems will need bracing, reinforcement, or at least be straightened before grouting can be done.

Basement Waterproofing

* Exterior – Waterproofing the exterior areas of your foundation and basement walls helps to prevent outdoor water damage that causes your basement and the foundation on your home to crack and become compromised and vulnerable.

* Interior – A damp basement cannot be used for anything more than storing things you don’t care about, so if you want to use your basement as a functional space, interior waterproofing can help you make that happen.

* Urethane Injection – The purposes for urethane injections include wall cracks and basement entrances. This reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth and creates a better basement area for your home.

Any homeowner that wants to make better use of their basement space should call for an evaluation and estimate for any repairs, reinforcement, or waterproofing services. Basement repair in Baltimore by Keystone Foundation Repair, Inc. includes all of the above services and more. These experts also offer basement finishing, foundation repair, and other services for residential and commercial applications.