What is Septic Tank Cleaning in West Milford, NJ

Septic Tanks

Keeping your septic system working properly requires maintenance. This can include cleaning and clearing different aspects of the system. Without the proper maintenance, sewage and waste water can become backed up. This can overflow into your yard. It can even back up into your home. Either way, it is a foul and terrible mess that would need to be rectified. The mess can also cause serious damage and health issues. Proper maintenance and Septic Tank Cleaning in West Milford, NJ can prevent this issue.

To understand the importance of Septic Tank Cleaning in West Milford, NJ, you must first understand the septic system. A septic system is a personal waste filtration system for a home or business. This system begins inside the home or building. Every drain in the home or building are all connected to the septic system. The waste water flows from these sources out of the home or building into this system. It first enters the septic tank. Here, heavy solids sink to the bottom and forms a sludge. Lighter substances, such as oils and grease, collect at the top, forming a scum layer. The central liquid is then pushed into the drain field. Here, it is slowly filtered through gravel and soil to remove harmful substances.

Since the scum and sludge layers are not sent to the drain field, they need to be removed from time to time. The removal of these layers is Septic Tank Cleaning in West Milford, NJ. Depending on the size and usage of the septic tank, it needs to be performed at least every three to five years. However, it should be inspected every year or two. This can help avoid potential problems caused by too much sludge or scum. If it is not done regularly, it can cause the substances to flow into the drain field. It can also cause water to push back into the home. This can be a very damaging and costly mess.

There are many companies that can provide Septic Tank Cleaning in West Milford, NJ. Companies, such as Accurate Waste Systems, can provide thorough cleaning of your tank and system. They can also inspect the lines for clogs and other problems. This can help keep your septic system running smooth and properly. It can also help prevent any problems or messes.