Sell Your Gold for Cash in Marietta


The fastest way to get extra cash is to sell your gold. Don’t let your gold just sit in a wadded mess in your closet or jewelry box. If you never wear it or it’s broken sell your jewelry today. Gold prices have never been higher. Are you clearing out an estate or have come across some jewelry you really don’t want? Put some extra cash in your pocket and go to a gold buyer in Marietta GA today.

What Kind of Gold Can be Sold?

If it is real gold and you can prove it, you can sell it for cash. The higher the carat, the more pure the gold is and the more it is worth per ounce. This means jewelry such as watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, pendants, cuff links and earrings. If you have come across a pocket watch, you may want to take the watch to an appraiser before you take it to a gold buyer in Marietta, GA. Some pocket watches are really valuable and you wouldn’t want to just sell them for their weight in gold. If you have gold trinkets, solid gold clocks or gold eating utensils, these are also really heavy gold items that you can get for a good price.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are treated a little differently. They typically aren’t thought of as gold weight, but rather their value as a collector’s item. If you want to sell some or all of your gold coin collection, you need to have an appraiser evaluate your entire collection. You collection may be worth more in its entirety and selling a few could hurt the value of your overall coin collection. If you have picked out the ones you want to sell you can take them to a gold buyer, but make sure you have your appraisal papers with you. No doubt the gold buyer will want to have them appraised too, but you will have your own for comparison.

Getting the Best Price for Your Gold

Don’t assume that each buyer will offer you the same price for your gold. They will weigh it and then give you a price lower than it is worth so they can turn a profit on it. The more profit they intend to make the less cash you get in your hand. Take your gold to multiple gold buyer in the area to ensure you are getting the most money possible.

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