Helpful Tips for Selling Your Gold


There is no question that selling your gold can bring you some quick cash; however, as a seller you need to sell with caution. The old gold items you have, no matter what they may be from gold teeth, trinkets or gold jewelry, all sell by their purity and weight. Do you understand what this means?

When you sell any old gold that you may have, you need to sure that you are able to get the most cash possible for your items. There are many news reports highlighting scams from main in companies, gold buying parties and even the fly by night gold purchasing stands. However, when you find a reputable gold buyer Marietta, GA, you can feel confident that you are getting the most cash possible for the gold items you have.

The following information will help you successfully sell your gold for cash.

Gather the Gold You Have

The first step is to gather all of the gold items you have that you want to sell. Even things that you do not thing should be included due to their size need to be gathered. Once everything is together, you should separate the items by quality. Since gold is considered a soft metal, it will have to be mixed with other alloys in order to be stronger. The karats of your gold determine its pureness. In the US, anything that is below 10 karats is not going to be considered gold.

Estimate the Value of Your Gold

When you take gold to sell it will be weighted in Troy ounces, which equals 28 grams in the US. The amount per gram of gold that you will receive will be dependent on the particular day’s gold value. Keep in mind, the buyer will have to make a profit, therefore you will not receive the full value of the item. This will provide you with a general idea of what a dealer should offer and what will be fair for the gold items that you have.

Any time you decide to sell scrap gold you will need to have your identification with you. By law, a gold or silver buyer has to ask you for your I.D. If they do not ask for this, chances are they are not a reputable service and you should find a gold buyer elsewhere to ensure you receive a fair price.

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