How To Select Home Replacement Windows in St. Louis


11743486_lA home with no windows will be lifeless and unexciting. Windows are needed for light, heat, insulation, air, and several other things. However, it is essential you maintain your windows as well as have them replaced if needed. According to the United States Department of Energy, about 25 percent of a home’s heating cost is due to heat loss via the windows. Thus, if your energy bills are increasing because of your windows, then you should consider replacing your windows. When choosing home Replacement Windows in St. Louis, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration.

One of the things you need to consider is the energy efficiency of the windows. R factor and U factor are the 2 factors you should consider under energy efficiency. R factor measures thermal resistance in insulation materials or the capacity to contain energy. R value should be high. The U factor measures the rate of heat transfer and indicates how properly the window insulates. Usually, U factor values fall between 0.2 – 1.2. A window with a low U value is most suitable for preventing excess heat buildup within the home. Thus, one can rightly say that the highest R factor and lowest U factor window can be regarded as the best among all.

When you are in the market for home replacement windows, you also need to consider the cost, and this is usually determined by the design, material and size of the windows. Windows that are made from aluminum and wood are typically costlier than ones made from wood and vinyl. In addition, if you choose windows with designs, paints or colors, then it might cost you more.

Another thing you need to consider is guarantee or warranty. You should choose a company that is prepared to back their products up with decent warranties. Nobody will like to change his/her windows if they only had it replaced the previous year. Thus, look for a reliable company’s product. Some companies even offer 12 years warranty. Other factors you should consider when choosing home replacement windows in St. Louis may comprise air leakage, maintenance required and heat gain coefficient. Choose windows that will complement your home’s overall decor and be sure to call an expert for installation.