Personal Injury Attorney in Lake Charles: What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

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A personal injury is something that occurs when someone suffers from emotional and/or physical harm from an accident. Tort law handles all claims regarding personal injuries. Tort law is just a civil law that provides an individual with compensation for personal injuries. Negligence is the most common type of personal injury claim, but it is not the only one. Personal injuries can be intentional or accidental.

What Does Tort Mean?

Tort is defined as a civil wrong to someone or their property. This wrong is what the legal claim would be based on. While tort law does include property damage, personal injury claims only involve emotional and/or physical damage to a person. Unlike criminal lawsuits, a personal injury claim would be handled in the civil court system. It is a good idea for you to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Lake Charles to make sure that your rights to a personal injury claim are respected.

Most of the time a person finds themselves in need of a Personal Injury Attorney in Lake Charles as the result of negligence of someone else. Negligence is defined as someone else falling short of their duty to care and protect those around them. A driver that causes an accident because they are not paying attention to the road, for example, would be considered a negligent driver.

Property liability, also known as premises liability is fairly common. When you fall or get hurt on someone else’s property, they are responsible for your injuries. This is especially true if it can be proved that negligence to the upkeep of their property is the reason you got hurt. For example, a store owner not putting down a wet floor sign would be both negligence and property liability. You would definitely want to hire a lawyer in this situation as most stores have pretty powerful lawyers in place to prevent themselves from getting sued for property liability.

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