When Should You Seek Repairs of Auto Transmission in Chicago?


To the average driver, it may not be easy to determine mechanical problems in a car. Problems involving mechanical systems of the car will exhibit some distinct signs, sensations and sounds. These are indicators that some parts or a process is not working properly. Experts of auto transmission in Chicago can help you repair transmission problems in your car and ensure it is running efficiently and safely. Here are common transmission problems you should watch out for in your car:

*Lack of gear response:

If a car does not go into gear when you shift from park to drive, it indicates that there is something wrong. If it is an automatic transmission, you will find that there is a delay in the time taken for a gear to engage when you shift into drive. In manual transmissions, you will experience lack of response when the gears are shifted. Another thing you notice in them is that Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) of the car surges though the car does not move fast as the engine might be sounding. This may be caused by a fault clutch or even some more complicated problem.

*Clunking and Humming:

A car that is not in good shape may produce different sounds as indications of faults in its mechanical systems. These sounds may also vary from one car model to another. In manual transmissions, the sounds may be slightly mechanical with abrupt and louder noises. If your vehicle is making whining, humming, or clunking sound, have it inspected by a qualified mechanic to find out what the problem is.

*Leaking fluid:

This is the most recognizable sign in a vehicle. If there is fluid leakage, it means there is a problem associated with transmission break down. The fluid in the transmission is a lifeline because it helps lubricate the components, clean as well as condition the seals. Fluids also act as hydraulic lubricants and without them, the engine is likely to seize or even stop running.

If you see or hear something abnormal in your car, you may want to get it checked by a mechanic experienced in auto transmission in Chicago. Visit domain URL to get a mechanic to handle your transmission and other car repair problems.