Seek Dental in Oahu for Serious Signs of Oral Health Concerns


Many people overlook their oral health, mistakenly thinking it does not affect them. Unfortunately, a person’s oral health is directly tied in with their overall health. When a person suffers from poor oral health, it can affect their heart and immune system. It is important a person knows when they need to seek services for Dental Oahu. Prompt dental treatment can help a person to avoid serious complications that can place their oral health in danger.

There are several signs that should alert a person they need to seek care from the dentist:

* While tooth pain is not always a signal for alarm, it can be a sign of serious oral health problems. When tooth pain is constant or increases in severity, a person needs to seek dental treatment right away. Tooth pain can be caused by cavities, infections, and injuries. Any of these causes can be serious and should be reported to a dentist so the right treatment can be sought. Without treatment, the pain will worsen and a person could end up losing their tooth.

* Pus drainage from a tooth means an infection is in place. Tooth infections can become serious and need to be treated with antibiotics. The dentist can provide the proper treatment so the infection can be brought under control. With prompt treatment, the infection will not spread to other teeth or the gum tissue.

* When changes in the gum tissue begin to take place, this can be a sign of gum disease. Reddening, swelling, irritation and bleeding are all cardinal signs. If gum disease is present, the dentist needs to treat the condition promptly. With services for dental services in Oahu, the gums can be treated so tooth loss is prevented. This often means extensive treatments to ensure the gums are brought back to their healthy state.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it behooves you to seek dental treatment right away. Call the office of Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS right away to schedule your appointment. The dentist will work to properly diagnose your condition so you can find true relief from your symptoms. With dental care, the health of your smile can be protected.