Is Alcohol Controlling Your Life?

Drug Addiction

Once addiction takes its hold, it can be extremely hard to release yourself from its grasp. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with addiction, or dealt with addiction in the past, then you’ve no doubt experienced the exhaustion and hopelessness that can come along with feeling like you’ll never get better.

There is hope, however. But before you can begin on that hopeful path you have to recognize that you have a problem, and understand when it’s time to start looking into alcohol rehab programs. Here are some signs that you may be losing control of the effects alcohol is having on your life:

Impact on Work or School

You may find yourself frequently calling out of work or skipping classes repeatedly due to hangovers. Your performance may be affected, and you may be forgetting to complete duties or assignments. Despite this, you do not stop drinking.

Failed Attempts to Cut Back

You may have tried several times to cut back your drinking or stop altogether, but you’ve never managed to be successful. This is where a rehab treatment center might come in handy. Blueprints for Recovery is our long-term drug treatment facility. It could greatly benefit you to look into different types of therapies and programs that we have available to help you quit drinking once and for all. Find out more at our website or call (888) 391-9772.

Impact on Personal Relationships

Abuse of alcohol can cause your personality to change when you’re using. If your loved ones or friends have complained about your temper or changes in mood and behavior while you’re drinking, you should take it as case for alarm.

Legal Issues or Irresponsible Use

You may find yourself getting in legal trouble due to driving drunk or public intoxication, or maybe you’re generally behaving inappropriately in public. You might be drinking in inappropriate situations, such as sneaking drinks at work.

Tolerance and Withdrawal

Another red flag is an increased tolerance. If you used to be able to get buzzed on two beers and now it’s taking five or six for the same effect, you might need help. When you’re not drinking, symptoms of withdrawal like tremors, anxiety, and insomnia indicate that you have alcohol dependence.


If you’ve stopped doing things you loved or are isolating from family and friends in order to drink, you’re exhibiting clear signs of a problem.

Don’t let alcohol control your life. If you’re experiencing any of the above, take charge and seek professional help.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of alcohol addiction, you don’t have to fight it alone. Contact us today to get the help you deserve.

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