Searching for Quality Moving Companies in Memphis


Residential moving customers that need to relocate either short or a long distance can take advantage of moving companies that offer personal move management and custom-designed move planning service for their household goods.

When a long distance move is being considered for the future, quality service provided across the board from point A to point B will enhance the opportunities for a seamless and relatively stress-free move. This is the hallmark of high quality moving companies. Memphis residents should know that quality exists in customer service, in packing and moving strategies, and in equipment and facilities used and provided. Movers ideally should minimize the stress of the move along with all of the heavy lifting.  They accomplish this by providing a significant array of service features that meet the specific relocation needs of their customers.

Extensive Service Features
The right moving company will understand that each move is different and that each move has different needs. Customers should consider relocation companies that provide several or all of the follow services: move preparation and destination packets, full or partial packing and unpacking, property protection, packing materials, movement of household goods, valuation coverage, crating and specialty packing, full service moving options, decluttering, staging, and organizing, realtor selection and home marketing plans, and claims management.

It is also important to choose a multi-faceted company that has the ability to store your items safely and securely for a short time period or a long time period, and then knowing that the same company is able to move your items long distance.

Storage is important. Customers can benefit from moving companies that provide tens of thousands of square feet of storage space, as well as secure storage vaults. Having 24-hour security systems to keep your items protected is also vital. Ideally the provider should have years of experience in warehousing and logistics.

An emphasis on safety is important. A provider that has an in-house Safety Department that works to keep action plans in place on a continual basis by providing training, coaching, review sessions, and internal audits indicate a company that places the safety of their own personnel as well as the safety of your possessions at a high level.