Gloucester Bag Machine Parts: For New And Retrofit Machinery


If you are looking for Gloucester bag machine parts, you are not alone. The company produces durable machines ideal for rebuilding. In fact, the durability and longevity of their machines is legendary in the business. The company is one that believes in building machines that last.

A Brief History of the Gloucester Engineering Company

Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc first opened its factory doors in 1961. The brainchild of three men: Ingvar Tornberg, G. Wilbur Tracy and Charles M. Schott, it began production in Gloucester, Massachusetts. With a focused and committed team of engineers, employees and management, it began to slowly expand, incorporating Gloenco‑Newport in 1973 – a company that supplied their facilities with certain components before themselves being acquired by the SMS Group Maschinenfabriken Gmbh. of Meinerzhagen West Germany in 1977/78.

However, by 2007, a management-led buyout resulted in the Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering becoming once again Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc. After a few shake-ups financial, reorganizations and acquisitions (Pearl Technologies and Future Design Inc in 2012) the company has emerged once again as a strong contender in the field of plastic bag machinery technology.

Gloucester Engineering Bag Machines and Other Things

When it comes to Gloucester engineering bag machines, those in the know recognize the company for its ability to provide bottom-seal product that:

  • Features some of the most innovative and advanced designs
  • Is of a high quality
  • Provides purchasers low operating costs
  • Overall, offers the industry, machines on average with among the longest operating life

The company provides bottom seal machinery equipped to produce bags for both the industrial and consumer markets. Gloucester’s machines produce bags, stacked or on a roll, for a variety of applications including:

  • Trash
  • Produce
  • Garments
  • Merchandise

The company even takes and retrofits machinery using Gloucester bag machine parts to make old machinery run like new again. They confidently state they have the capabilities and talent to upgrade, retrofit and overhaul any bottom-seal bag machine. The retrofits include the replacement of various components e.g. hydraulic parts as well as the installation of the latest and most efficient software. The result is a bottom seal bag machine that runs safer, cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.

Gloucester Bag Machine Parts

Gloucester Engineering Company is a forward-looking manufacturer. It realizes the value or not only producing new bottomseal machines but also retrofit and rebuilt ones. This makes the company very environmentally responsible. To accomplish both new and rebuilds, Gloucester bag machine parts – both new and used, must also be responsibly sources.