Save Time and Money with The Right Packaging Machine


Shipping your products in a safe and efficient manner is key to a successful business. You want a packaging system that holds your items safe and secure while being easy to operate. Packaging machine manufacturers like Tab Industries are using the latest technology to create effective devices like the Tab Wrapper Tornado.

What is the Tab Wrapper Tornado?

The Tab Wrapper Tornado is a fully automated wrapping system. This innovative device wraps all shapes and sizes of product loads. User-friendly controls make it simple to operate, and it is economically priced. Using the Tab Wrapper Tornado increases your efficiency with uniformly wrapped pallets each and every time. The Tab Industries packaging machine manufacturers have designed the Tab Wrapper Tornado with safety and ergonomics in mind.

Benefits of the Tab Wrapper Tornado

The Tab Wrapper Tornado is available at a reasonable price. It can be used to wrap all different shapes and sizes of products. This includes oversized items and irregularly shaped products. Best of all, this machine can reduce your labor costs as well as your material costs. Your employees will no longer have to struggle to wrap your products by hand or with an inefficient device.

How Does the Tab Wrapper Tornado Work?

The Tab Wrapper Tornado is different than other stretch wrap machines and shrink wrappers that simply rely on wrapping product to product. Instead, it uses orbital technology to wrap on a horizontal axis. Your products don’t have to be removed from the forklift’s forks. The wrap is safely secured to your load and the pallet with the use of a protective layer or film. This gives you better stability and protection. This same protection is used for every shipment. This includes odd shaped or long loads that can be difficult with other methods of wrapping.