Save on Auto Insurance in Hamlin, PA by Paying Attention to the Road


Most people drive regularly, and as we become more comfortable behind the wheel, our motions and our actions go on a sort of ‘autopilot’. It’s easy to let your mind wander, but Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group can tell you that distracted driving is a serious issue. In 2008, over 500,000 people were hurt in distracted driving accidents. Below, you will learn about some of the most common distractions and how they can be avoided.


We all love our electronic devices, but activities such as adjusting the radio, GPS, or texting take our attention away from the road. It’s easy to do these tasks at any other time, but while driving, it can be difficult and dangerous. Every second you spend paying attention to something else is a second where something could happen. Wait until a traffic light or a stop to change the radio station or make that phone call.

Our Emotional State

Being an inattentive driver isn’t just about playing with electronics, but being unaware of your actions. An unaware state can result from an argument, being tired, or driving while angry or upset. Follow these tips if you are overly preoccupied behind the wheel:

Let your passengers know that you’d like to keep chatting to a minimum, and avoid the phone completely (even if you have a hands free unit). If you have to place a call, pull over and do it safely.

Try not to drive if you are upset or angry. Our minds tend to wander when we are in such moods, and it can be difficult to bring your attention back to the road.

Tired drivers are extremely distracted drivers. If you’re finding it hard to focus your attention or keep your eyes open, find a place to pull over for some rest. If you must, ask a family member or friend that’s with you to drive, or ask someone to come and pick you up. The time you ‘save’ by driving exhausted isn’t worth the risk.

Being a distracted driver not only puts you in danger, but it also puts your passengers, pedestrians and other motorists at risk. Keeping a sharp mind will help you stay safe, and to keep others safe as well. By practicing mindful driving, you can stay safe and save money on Auto Insurance in Hamlin, PA.