Taking Care of Problems with the Drain Field

Septic Tanks

When proper care and maintenance is not provided for your septic drain field, major problems may arise. Both the septic tank and the drain field are a vital part of your entire septic system. This means that when one malfunctions, there can be huge problems.

The septic tank, which resides in the middle of the drain field, is the primary location of the waste water from your home. There are three layers inside the septic tank, including scum, effluent and the sludge, which are the parts that help to treat the waste water within the tank. The scum, or top layer in the tank, is where the light, solid waste resides. The effluent is located in the middle and goes into the drain field. The sludge layer is located at the bottom of the tank and where the heavier solid materials accumulate. The drain field will accept the effluent, but is also responsible for ensuring that no solid materials remain.

The drain field is actually the very last line of treatment for the waste water from your home. This is often considered the “make it or break it” part of the septic system. If the drain field becomes clogged or damaged, you will have a fail in your septic system.

The best way to determine if your drain field is having issues is to look for water that is backing up in your yard or your home. This is almost always accompanied by severe odors. The fact is that this wastewater that is now in your yard and home is full of dangerous bacteria that can make you sick if it is allowed to remain.

When you notice issues with your septic drain field it is time to call in the experts for Drain Field Repair in Eustis, FL, as this is no job for an amateur. A licensed professional will understand the workings of your drain field and how to rectify the problem that has presented itself. Once the source of the problem is discovered, they can easily begin repairs prior to the issue causing substantial damage that is not able to be easily repaired.

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