Roofing repair in Lexington KY Can Begin With A Complete Inspection Of Your Roof


The roof is one of the largest parts of the house, and the part that an average homeowner neglects. Roof problems can cause damage to the home which most homeowners would not notice. This is the reason to have an inspection by a trained roofing expert. The home’s interior can be damaged when water leaks into the attic. Water will then flow into the living area, resulting in the destruction of walls and the ceilings. Water also promotes the growth of black mold, which is a serious health hazard for the family. Routine inspections often head off problems before they cause damage.

An annual roof inspection begins with an examination of the attic for discoloration of the roof supports, which would indicate the roof is leaking. Water will travel into the home following roof supports to where they join the wall studs. Black mold and serious destruction will occur when water gets behind the walls or on the ceiling.

A qualified roof inspector from a company that provides  Roofing repair in Lexington KY, can find every area of the roof that is a problem or a potential problem. Split shingles or shingles blown out of position will likely be the biggest problem. Water can cause the decking supporting the shingles to rot, resulting in leaks. Ridge cap shingles provide protection from water entering the attic, as well as ventilation. These shingles can be blown out of place, allowing significant amounts of water to enter the attic.

Nail pops are a common problem, but they can be fixed if caught early. Shingles that are improperly installed will create a problem for the decking as well. Shingles twisted out of position or lifted at the ends will cause water to rot the decking. Roofing repair in Lexington will repair these areas.

When the drip edge is blown out of position by the wind or is missing, water will be blown under the drip edge shingles, causing major problems, including ice dams in the winter. Water can run down the side of the house when the drip edge is missing or is out of place, causing foundation problems. Water not channeled away from the eaves will run down the side of the house as well. Business Name will also check the sealants and the flashing while inspecting the roof to ensure homeowners are properly protected.