A Dentist in Long Island: Common Causes of Bad Breath


Most people can attest to have visited a dentist at least once in their lifetime for various dental problems such as tooth decay, sensitive teeth, dental cavities and bad breath among others. Most of these problems are caused by poor oral hygiene and using low-quality products for brushing. However, there are people who use high-quality products and follow the right procedure when brushing their teeth bust still experience bad breath. According to a Dentist in Long Island, there are several factors that can lead to bad breath. These factors include:

The type of food you are taking

There are certain types of food that leave a bad breath after eating and brushing your teeth. Such foods include onions, garlic, certain herbs and fish among others. These foods leave a strong odor in your mouth which can deteriorate if you don’t brush immediately after eating. Other types of food can still cause bad breath if you don’t brush or floss your teeth after every meal.

Gum disease

If you don’t brush your teeth for long, food particles may accumulate between the spaces in your teeth and facilitate the growth of bacteria that may cause gum disease. If gum disease is left untreated for long, it can also cause bad breath.


If you smoke tobacco often and rarely brush, you not only stain your teeth but also cause bad breath. Smoking tobacco may also lead to other health problems such as kidney and lung disease which may cause bad breath.

Dry mouth

Saliva greatly contributes to your oral hygiene as it helps to clean the food particles that are stuck in between your teeth. A decrease in the normal flow of saliva can cause dry mouth that can also contribute to bad breath. If you often experience a dry mouth often, you may be having salivary gland problems or repeatedly breathing through your mouth. You may also experience a dry mouth if you are taking certain medications.

If you have a bad breath, do not try any remedies before consulting a dentist in Long Island to avoid aggravating your problem. They can advise on a suitable method to restore fresh breath in your mouth. To hire an experienced doctor,