Retractable Fall Protection vs. Shock Absorbing Lanyards


As the times change, so do the parameters of safety equipment. When it comes to work environments where fall prevention and protection is required, it is imperative to utilize the proper equipment. Falls on the jobsite are the leading cause of death and can cost millions of dollars from insurance and workers’ compensation lawsuits. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives on the jobsite because they did not use the proper equipment. Hazardous work places increase the risk, which is why it’s important to remain within the safety parameters required by OSHA law.

Newer Retractable Fall Protection

There is a wide variety of safety Retractable Fall equipment that’s available, all of which serve a purpose. Retractable fall protection has changed drastically within the past few years and many people are wondering if the newer systems are as effective. The answer is yes, and they are actually much better than the typical shock absorbing systems. While they are effective, they tend to activate around 6 ft. and slow down (absorbing the fall) over the next few feet of rigging. The newer retractable fall protection activates much more quickly in comparison, making it more effective in minimizing the amount of free rigging that is generally lying around.

Not only is the newer retractable fall protection activated within inches of someone beginning to slip and fall, it’s a cost effective solution as well, and capable of bearing much more weight. The materials utilized in manufacturing the retractable fall protection are very durable and incomparable to any other materials available on the market today.


OSHA has stringent laws because not only are they concerned about the safety of the work environment, they are primarily focused upon the individuals who are putting their lives at danger on a daily basis as well. It’s difficult to be in a business that requires one to do heavy lifting, use different materials and tools all while being more than four feet off the ground at all times. The best thing a supervisor can do to protect their employees is to abide by the laws and utilize the proper safety equipment at all times. It’s also suggested to check the equipment often to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that nothing needs to be adjusted. Every piece of fall protection equipment has certain parameters in which will ensure that it is functioning properly.

When it comes to safety, retractable fall protection is offering great solutions that are as equally effective as they are cost efficient. Harness Land offers a wide variety of equipment that can be utilized in many different industries; check their site out.