Required Characteristics Of Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps


Metal roofs differ from their asphalt cousins, requiring different tools and methods. The priority should always be on maximum durability and superior quality. The same principles apply when installing snow retention solutions. The installment process demands the use of specific standing seam metal roof clamps.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Snow Guards, and Clamps

Metal roofs are slippery. Concentrations of winter precipitation do not build up extensively on their slick metal surfaces. They also offer little traction to anyone or anything that lands on them. These qualities result in the ice and snow that lands there sliding off the roof and falling precipitately on unsuspecting pedestrians and anything else that lies beneath their sloping surface.

To prevent this from occurring is simple – install snow guards. However, it is important to understand the specific requirements of mounting snow guards on a metal roof. Using the wrong clamps may not only be ineffective but could potentially cause damage to the roofing material.

Choosing the Right Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps

When it comes to snow guards, the highest recommended type is pipe/bar/tube shaped guards. They provide greater safeguards than other types employed on metal roofing. However, with the introduction of improved designs for both these snow protectors and the metal roof clamps, individual snow guards are now more accepted. They have always been regarded as easier to use than their counterparts.

Standing seam metal roof clamps should have certain characteristics to make both singular and multiple types of snow and ice guards effective.

  • They must be designed for heavy-duty applications
  • The design easily, quickly, and effectively secure the snow guard into place
  • They need to be durable
  • During the installation process, the clamp does not damage the roofing panels in any fashion

The composition may vary, although stainless steel is a preferred substance. Be sure to select a clamp that suits the purpose for which it is to be employed.

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