Reduce Your Pest Management Problem With Help From Exterminators in Alexandria VA

Pest Control

Household pests come in many forms such as the tiny little insects that scavenge anything edible in your home or those pesky little four legged mammals that love to nest in your walls. Other problems can include squirrels living in your eaves or attics, birds living throughout the upper areas of the building and bats roosting in the attic while avoiding the glaring sun. Each of these invaders bring unique problems into your home. For example, bats can carry rabies which could infect your children or pets.

While eliminating the infestation is the main function of Exterminators in Alexandria VA, their job doesn’t end there. For instance, locating the point of entry in your home or onto your property is crucial for preventing the pest from returning. Consider the rat or mouse. To enter and exit the building they must chew a hole in something. Because this can be tough work, the rodent may not make another unless the have to. This allows us to handle two problems. First, you can easily catch the rodents here with baits and traps. Second, you can block this point of access so other vermin can’t enter the home at this point.

Out of all the pests your home may encounter, insects can be the toughest to eliminate. This is partly because they tend to live in huge nests and partly because they typically spread out and keep busy foraging for food. You can usually kill the original nest with pesticides, but the remaining insects will usually build another home and start over. Unlike larger mammals that can be collected and relocated somewhere away from your home, most insects are difficult to catch and tough to transport.

Not all Exterminators in Alexandria VA handle problems that directly affect your person. In fact, one of the most destructive insects that can be found in human habitats is hardly ever seen. This small whitish colored insect was once considered a member of the ant family, but has since been determined as a member of the cockroach order. Even though you may never see it, the termite can do a lot of damage to your home. Termites live on dead cellulose such as what is left over once timber has been cut and cleaned. To eliminate a problem like this a contractor like Pest Management Services, Incorporated will need to place baits at strategic locations around your home.