Reduce Your Home’s Energy Loss With Roofing Insulation In Columbus, Ohio


With the rising cost of energy, including the ever increasing expense to heat and cool your home, one of the most important things any homeowner needs to consider is insulation. Insulating a home not only keeps out the cold during the winter, but it also keeps heat out in the summer while still holding the treated air indoors. This is important because most HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment works best when recirculating the air inside the home. It is much more efficient to heat or cool air that is closer to the temperature you are trying to reach.

The most common method of home insulation uses fiberglass batting. These are sheets of fiberglass that are puffed to allow room to trap air between the fibers. They are covered with a barrier that restricts airflow between the fiberglass and the interior wall. Overall, it is a very efficient method of insulation, with only a few problems. For the best Roofing Insulation In Columbus Ohio, it takes something a little better than simple fiberglass, although additional fiberglass may increase the final R-value.

The most effective method of roofing insulation is spray on foam. There are several reasons for this, but the most important include the density of the foam and its ability to seep deep into cracks and crevices. Think about a foam insulated attic as being similar to an ice chest. The thick foam blocks the exit of your treated air just like the chest keeps cold air trapped inside.

For effective insulation, the foam should be sprayed over all of the roof interior. This needs to be done before any finishing products are installed in the attic to avoid unnecessary work. Once the insulation is in place, you can also install fiberglass between the rafters for additional protection. One of the most important considerations with Roofing Insulation In Columbus Ohio, is you can never have too much. Insulating the roof and attic area with foam is usually just the beginning. If the attic will be a finished space, you may want additional fiberglass or sealant around the windows or dormers. Extensive insulation is the key to reducing home energy loss.