An Implant Dentist in Clayton Can Offer You a New Smile


With the capabilities that science has provided to the field of dentistry, some of the things dentists can accomplish these days seem like magic. It used to be that if you were born with a less-than-perfect smile, you just had no options. Now we have whitening, bonding, veneers, and implants that can improve almost anyone’s smile. Of course, implants are much more time-consuming and invasive, but considering the final outcome, it can be worth it, depending on your specific dental situation. This will be up to the Implant Dentist in Clayton.

Implants have become popular for several reasons; they become a permanent part of your oral landscape, they are extremely durable, and they are almost impossible to distinguish from real teeth. In addition to replacing missing or unsalvageable teeth, implants can also be used as excellent anchors for adjacent bridgework. Implants are not the ideal solution for all dental issues, but in many cases the difference they make in a person’s smile can be dramatic.

If a dentist thinks you may be a candidate for an implant, the first step is screening to see if implanting is the best choice for you. You will receive a thorough examination of your jaws, neck, gums, and head. One of the key requirements for implants is adequate bone density, because the implant needs a good, solid anchor point in order to be effective. Since your body may need to fend off infections during the implant process, you should also have a healthy immune system. As the procedure will require anesthesia, the Implant Dentist in Clayton will need to verify that you have no allergies that may become problematic.

In its most basic form, an implant will be inserted into the jaw bone. This will become the attach point for the artificial tooth. Over time, the bone will begin to grow over this implant, creating a sturdy base for the tooth. When the Implant Dentist at Forest Park Dental of Clayton feels the bone has gown enough, he will attach the artificial tooth, and a new smile is born. Dr Eric J Aubert at Forest Park Dental can provide all the information you need regarding the implant process and can do an assessment to see if you may be a good implant candidate. He can use his implant experience to give you a new smile to share with the world.