Reasons Why Patients Visit a Sedation dentist in Redding


Sedation dentistry involves the use of inhaled, oral, or IV sedatives to relax a patient during a dental visit. Most people assume visiting a Sedation Dentist in Redding is only for major oral surgeries or complex dental procedures, but this type of dentist is quickly being relied upon for general dental procedures, such as root canals and filling cavities.

There are a number of reasons why the services of a sedation dentist are growing. Reasons ranging from increased anxiety over dental procedures to patients with quick gag reflexes are all some of the common reasons why people rely upon a sedation dentist in Redding.

The following is a look at some of the most common reasons why patients have started to rely upon a sedation dentist for everything from simple, general dental procedures to complex oral surgeries.

The first reason people rely upon a sedation dentist in Redding is because they have severe anxiety. Severe anxiety or an intense fear of the dentist can discourage people from regularly visiting the dentist. A sedation dentist can relieve that anxiety or intense fear by providing sedatives that relax a patient during their visit.

The second reason people rely upon a sedation dentist in Redding is because they have a quick gag reflex. A quick gag reflex can prolong or even interrupt a dental procedure due to the dentist’s inability to work on the patient. A sedation dentist can provide relaxing sedatives that can help.

The sedatives that a sedation dentist uses can help a dental patient with quick gag reflexes relax. This relaxation helps prevent the patient from gagging or feeling like they are gagging, and allows the dentist to proceed with the dental procedure.

The third and final reason people rely upon a sedation dentist is because they need to undergo a painful procedure. Sedatives, such as IV sedation, can practically eliminate the pain of an extremely painful procedure. The patients will still be under local anesthetic, but there is no fear the patient will squirm or move during the painful procedure as they have been placed under sedation by a sedation dentist.

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