Every Little Thing Requires A Permit These Days In Miami, FL

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

It’s amazing the number of projects around the home and community requiring permits from the government, these days. If you live in South Florida, you know the amount of construction that goes on in both commercial locations and around residential areas, and most of them require a Miami Dade Building Permit in Miami, FL of one form or another. Before you begin any project of any kind, make sure you’re in right with the law, with all your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted. Following are a few of the jobs you may come across that may require a permit.

CONSTRUCTION OF A HOME– Whether you’re building a home for your family on your piece of land or you’re a contractor building one for someone else, you’ll need a single family residence or duplex permit to start construction on the house. This type of permit will also cover renovations to a residence, additions such as a spa, fences and walls, carports and decks, gazebos and additional stories to the residence.

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY– This permit is issued after the construction has been completed and must be accompanied by various other documents based on whether the structure is for a commercial or residential dwelling.

BURN PERMITS – The fire prevention office issues burn permits and costs are based on the number of acres you are requesting to burn. A letter of permission is required by the owner of the property and must be submitted with the application.

DRIVEWAY/CONCRETE SLABS– Permits must be obtained to pour driveways for a business or a home. Along with an application, the property owner must submit a legal description of the property, proof they own the property such as a recorded deed, and two copies of a survey, among other items. A building permit company can provide more details on what you will need to provide.

By utilizing a professional company such as Your Permit Solution to handle all of your permit obtaining needs, you can rest assured all your permit needs are handled for you. Why take a chance of messing things up on your own, when you can hire professionals to do the hard work for you?

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