Reasons For Using Breathing Air Rental And Options Available

Industrial Goods and Services

Not every industry requires such strict rules for working, but there are many instances when breathable air isn’t available. While there are many air-purifying respirators on the market, they work differently than supplied-air respirators. Many options just filter out the contaminants, which can be helpful and okay in certain situations, but means you’re still breathing some bad things into the lungs.

When To Use Them

A rental such as this should be used anytime hazardous waste is involved, such as asbestos removal, spray-painting operations, tunneling, bed-liner spraying, and working in a manufacturing plant that deals primarily with chemicals.

Cartridge style respirators and dust masks aren’t appropriate for these tasks or jobs, meaning respirators are the ultimate protection when breathing problems could result in the work.


When considering a rental of this magnitude, it’s important to understand the various options and choose which one is best for your employees and the job at hand. For example, a tube trailer of 59,000 cubic feet would be appropriate for extremely large corporations or in a mining situation. It would be big enough to hold everyone and allow the rescue teams to get to you, all while still being able to breathe clearly.

You can also find bottles of breathing air in six and twelve packs, some with compressors, regulators, alarms and others. You can find tiny versions that clip to the hip, giving five minutes of breathability to escape a situation. There are also a lot of accessories that go along with these respirators. For example, you may need airline hoses, supply hoses, check valves, manifolds and others.

It’s best to choose a company who you trust to help you determine what you need and provide it to you. They should also maintain the devices, clean the hoses and more. Visit Code Red Safety at visit website for more details.