5 Ways to Improve Your English


Learning another language isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. But the benefits of knowing how to communicate in English far outweigh the inconvenience of learning it for the first time. If you’ve got a tough time mastering English as a second language, here are some tips to help you out:

Record your voice

Try to read newspaper articles or anything you find online. Then play it back and listen to yourself, the Seattle Globalist suggests. Do you recognize what you’re saying? If the pronunciation is all wrong, practice some more. It’s all in the jaw muscles as well as on your lips and tongue.

Listen to Audio CDs

Nothing lets you learn a language faster than hearing it constantly. So master the American accent by using audio programs. Speak it with confidence and clarity. Listening to these audio CDs should help you to eliminate any problems you might have speaking English.

There are a lot of idiomatic expressions you’ll encounter in everyday conversations. Knowing what these mean and using them casually in your speech helps you speak English like a native. You could also try reading newspapers to pick up on common idioms as well as phrases and sayings in the language. Language is all about having the right vocabulary. By reading, you expand the words you know. You expand the world you can know through language.

Watch TV and films

Watch something in English every day and you’ll get used to how the words and the sentence structures sound in conversation. Since shows and films usually involve people talking in daily situations, it gives you context cues for when certain expressions and phrases should and are typically used. This way, you won’t have to worry that you might be using the wrong word or phrase.

Lastly, link up with some American friends! Striking up conversations helps practice your tongue. At Excel English Institute, you will find a reputable English language course that will help you acquire the advantages that are highlighted here.

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