Reach Target Patients with The Best Dentistry Marketing Agency


When you invest in marketing, you will watch your business grow. What types of patients are calling your office? How many new patient and intake appointments are your administrative team scheduling weekly? Are the patients that call able to afford your services and/or have insurance? A dentistry marketing agency such as Patient News understands how to attract the right patients for your practice. They have the experience and knowledge to reach the right demographic for your practice.


If you are a pediatric dentist, it is not helpful if adults continue to call for your service. Many digital marketing strategies fail because they do not reach, target, or address the right demographic. You may have patients calling for intakes or new patient appointments, but are no-showing or canceling. How will you reach more desirable patients? How do you address the time lost because patients cancel their appointments? A dentistry marketing agency has the resources to readjust and implement a new marketing campaign. They are experts in what works and what does not work. You will not have to test the waters and see if something sticks. Instead, the experts will use their experience to guide you on what has been successful in the past for other similar practices.

Return of Investment

A return of investment or ROI is a profitability metric used to determine if the marketing campaign has worked. ROI is a metric used in many areas of the business to measure the outcome of an investment. In dentistry marketing, the marketing agency will demonstrate the ROI through patient intakes, non-canceled appointments, return patients, and business profits. You should expect the agency to provide these reports quarterly once the digital marketing campaign has been rolled out.