Questions to Ask when Purchasing Corporate Awards


If you are planning to order championship trophies for a child’s sports team or more elegant corporate awards trophies, you need to ensure you are getting a high quality product. The best way to ensure you get a high quality item is by asking the right questions.

What awards are new and popular?

If this is the first time you are buying corporate awards trophies, it is a good idea to ask the company you are using what items are new and what is the most popular. They will have experience regarding what sells well. If you plan on ordering online, then make sure to read the reviews before you decide what you want to purchase. If you order awards all the time, then take some time to review what is new. When you choose a new award, you can feel confident that those receiving it won’t already have it.

When are the awards going to be delivered?

In most cases, if you are planning on purchasing corporate awards trophies you will have a specific time and date when they have to be presented. As a result, you need to make sure that you know when the items will be delivered. If the company doesn’t offer expedited shipping, make sure you get tracking information and understand how long it typically takes to receive the item.

Can you engrave different names on each of the trophies?

The answer you receive to this question should be “yes.” After all, customization is the entire reason you would purchase an award to begin with. If you find a company that says “no” to this, then it is best to search for a different provider.

Asking the right questions will help ensure you get the awards you want and need. It will also help to make sure that the awards meet the needs of the recipients.