Questions Concerning Hardwood Flooring In Manhattan For Your Home Or Business

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Hardwood floors look beautiful in any home or business and you can choose from many available types of wood and colors. When you’re searching for Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan, choose a company that offers quality, affordable flooring along with spectacular service. Below are some common questions you may have about hardwood flooring.
Q.) I own my own business and I would like to purchase quality wood floors for commercial installation. Will this type of flooring material stand up to hundreds of customers every day in my store?
A.) Hardwood is a very durable material and even the constant traffic of consumers in your store will not harm your flooring. With routine maintenance and care, your floor will look and perform exceptionally well for many years. Since hardwood doesn’t collect a lot of dirt, the dust on your floors can easily be swept up at the end of the day.
Q.) Does wood flooring stay down or will the planks eventually work up and make the floor uneven?
A.) The wood planks are carefully cut during the manufacturing process to ensure that there’s a tight fit and that they remain stable in your floor for many years.
Q.) Is it true that hardwood floors can make the air quality better in my home?
A.) A hardwood floor cannot collect dirt, dust and allergens, so you’ll breathe easier with hardwood floors in your home. Carpeting can trap dirt and particles, so you’ll always have them inside your home and in the air. Grout and designs in tile floors can also trap dirt and pollutants, but a hardwood floors is smooth and won’t harbor dust.
Q.) If my hardwood floor gets damaged, will I have to replace the entire floor?
A.) If a partial area of your floor sustains damage, a professional that specializes in Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan can sand and refinish the damaged area without taking up the entire floor.
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