If you have noticed the shingles on your roof are beginning to disappear, it is likely time for roof replacement. However, before you hire any old roofing company in the phone book or that you find online, you should ask some specific questions. These questions will help you find the ideal Roofer In Wichita, Kansas for your roofing needs.

Are You Licensed?

When you ask this question you want to hear a resounding “yes.” It is important to research the particular code in your area to ensure the roofer meets the proper requirements. You should never hire a roofer who cannot provide you with documentation of their licensing status.

Are You Insured?

When you hire a roofing contractor to come on your property and work on your home, you need to ensure they carry the proper insurance. If they do not have insurance and an accident or injury occurs while working on your home, you may be held liable for the damages or medical costs. However, if a Roofer In Wichita, Kansas has insurance, they will be able to perform their duties without any chance of the liability of an injury being the responsibility of the homeowner.

Will They Remove The Old Roof?

There are some roofers who will make the claim they save money and time by inspecting your roof with their eyes, and if all appears okay, they will simply shingle over it. However, unless the existing shingles are removed first, you will never be aware if there are any rotten or soft spots under the shingles. If the bad spots stay present, then you will have even bigger and more costly problems in the near future.

What Type Of Roof Will They Install?

When you are having a roof replaced, you need to ensure the Roofing Companies in Wichita, Kansas understand what type of new roof they are going to use. If you have a preference, it is important to make sure that it is known, which will ensure that you receive the type of roof best for your home. A quality company will go over various options with you and show you examples of their work.

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