In an increasingly worrisome world everyone needs to be vigilant about doing what is necessary to protect their home and business. While nothing is foolproof, security experts all agree that you can greatly decrease the odds of a becoming a victim of a break-in.

Slow Them Down

The average burglar takes less than one minute to gain access to a building they want to rob. Since their goal is to get in and out as fast as possible, they will typically abandon the target if they feel it will take too long to gain entry. You can slow them down by installing solid deadbolts to doors and barring any windows they would otherwise have easy access to.

Make It Loud

Not only are they interested in working quickly, they must work silently as well. This is why homes with barking dogs and audible alarm systems are less likely to be robbed. Studies have shown that homes without any alarm system face almost three times the threat of being burglarized than those that are equipped with alarms.

Make Them Visible

Break-ins are not just a night time activity. Homes are often at risk during the day because many are empty while the homeowner is at work. Burglars are known to choose homes with fences, bushes or any other items which obstruct the view of the house from the road or from the neighbors. To make your home more secure clear away those easy hiding spots. Installing lights on a motion sensor can also discourage night time incursions as well.

Approximately 90 percent of convicted burglars stated they would often avoid a residence when they knew it was protected by an alarm system. This one statistic alone makes it obvious that anyone with property to protect should consider installing a security system.

Security Systems in Pettis County come in a range of styles that can be adapted to suit any commercial or residential property. There are simple audible alarms which will sound when a door or window is opened or full systems with closed circuit monitors, fire alarms and secured card access.

Home Security in Sedalia has never been this easy or advanced. There are many affordable options available. Contact a home security expert to get more information about the technology they offer and what it can do for you.