Protection While on Active Duty in the Military


Those that serve in the military or have served in the military deserve a lot of praise and thanks. They  put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms of this country that so many people take for granted. The sad part is they are sometimes not adequately protected in return. One of the areas that has been overlooked in the past is some sort of protection from civil proceedings like prosecution, foreclosure, or eviction.

Financial problems can easily occur while a military serviceman or servicewoman is on active duty. The problem is they are not able to address the issue since they are often stationed in the far corners of the world. Now there are laws in place that protect active duty military from prosecution, foreclosure, or eviction.

The Process for Receiving Protection

For the most part, the process of receiving protection while on active duty is pretty straight forward. There is a verification process where a service will go through all of the necessary steps to verify that a man or woman is indeed active duty military and can benefit from the protections offered under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”). They can then provide all of the necessary paperwork to present to the person or organization that is doing the inquiring. Once this proof is shown the active duty serviceman or servicewoman is then considered eligible for protection or benefits.

Eligibility for Protection or Benefits

In order to be eligible for protection or benefits, a person just needs to be on active duty in the military or in the reserve or National Guard while on active duty or, in some cases, have recently retired. This protection begins on the date of the start of active duty and, in some cases,  can last up to a year after the date of discharge from the military. Further protection may be available, as well.

Slowly but surely there are more and more protections that go into place to protect those that are serving their country. Protection from these civil proceedings is just one of the much needed services that they should receive. Anyone that is serving in the military, whether in the main branches of the military or in the reserves or National Guard should take advantage of all of the protections that are offered. They will not cost the serviceman or servicewoman any additional money.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service provides certain guards and rights to those who are on active military duty and those that are recently retired. The service verifies which individuals qualify for the benefits and protections of the SCRA.

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