Child Custody Battles Can Cause Tempers to Flare


If your are going to be arranging a custody agreement any time in the near future, one of the most important allies that you can have at your side is a Williamson County child custody attorney with the experience and expertise to ensure that the agreement will serve the best interests of your child while at the same time upholding your own parental rights. In addition, it is important to retain an attorney who has the acumen to anticipate any difficulties that could arise and who will work proactively to prevent them.

Child custody arrangements can go from civil to contentious in a very short time partly because parents naturally have an emotional attachment to the child, but also because many parents discover that they can use the child as pawn in embittered battles in an effort to manipulate the other parent to cede to their wishes regarding other aspects of the divorce. Because child custody cases carry with them the potential for such hostilities, it is important to have as your advocate a Williamson County attorney who is 100% committed to doing what is best for your child, regardless of whatever enmities exist between the two parents.

An example of the volatility that can plague a child custody battle occurred recently when a woman who friends and co-workers say was the epitome of a kind and loving mother was gunned down on her way home from her waitressing job. Members of her family believe that she was targeted by her ex-husband who was upset that the woman had petitioned the court for sole custody of her child due to the ex-husbands repeated failure to pay child support and the fact that he had been recently charged with the sexual assault of another child. Investigators involved with the case have refused to discuss any of the details.

Although that child custody case is extreme, it serves as an important reminder as to the lengths that some people may go when questions of custody arise. While it is unlikely that your child custody case would ever reach such fanatical levels, you will want to have a Williamson County child custody attorney who can provide a calm and reassuring presence in the event that tempers flare during the proceedings.

Consult with a Williamson County child custody attorney as soon as possible if you will be petitioning for divorce or if your spouse has already filed. Having a good custody attorney who will fight for your rights and for the interests of your child can be essential to ensuring that you get whatever is fair and just when it comes to a custody battle.

A Williamson County child custody attorney at the James W. Evans Law Office can be an invaluable ally when you are engaged in a custody battle that threatens to become volatile. In addition to seeking the best interests of your child, your attorney will help to protect your parental rights as well. With offices in Austin, the James W. Evans Law Office serves clients in Williamson County and the surrounding area. Call the James W. Evans Law Office today at 512.628.2550 or email at for the help you need. Or, you can visit on the web at

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