Properties of Manifold Quality Extruded Bar


Aluminum is a metal from which a wide range of alloys have been developed for use by designers and manufacturers. This metal along with its alloyed forms has properties that make it exceptionally useful for various products and structures. One of the options available when it comes to aluminum alloys is Manifold Quality Extruded Bar.

6061 Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum alloy 6061 is a precipitation-hardened alloy, that, when undergoing a heat treatment process, increases its yield strength. Magnesium and silicon are the prominent alloying elements used in aluminum 6061. Because of the extensive benefits it offers, it is one of the most frequently chosen alloys on the market for various applications. Aluminum 6061 is often extruded and utilized in welding applications.

Manifold Quality Extruded Bar Properties
Manifold Quality Extruded Bar is a specific temper 6061 developed by Kaiser Aluminum. It has an official name – 6061 T6511B and is engineered and manufactured to deliver certain performance features. This bar is highly suited for the machining of intricate parts. It is known for its tight tolerances and exceptional machining performance. It also is characterized by excellent straightness and twist tolerances, while also retaining a superb surface finish.

Manifold Bar can be successfully subjected to intricate machining processes with high rates of metal removal. Comparing this extruded bar to other bars, it provides improved and repeatable performance across the board with the manufacture of every piece and every lot. Other advantageous features of Manifold Quality Extruded Bar include flatness, straightness, and dimensional control.

Manifold Quality Bar Shapes and Sizes
Manifold Bar is provided most of the time in square or rectangular form, with the former having dimensions anywhere from 1.264 inches to 7 inches and the latter having dimensions in the range of .75 to 3 inches wide and 6 to 8 inches long.

Prior to making a selection of an aluminum alloy, it is important to evaluate the properties of the alloy and temper to determine if it matches your requirements. You may need to test the aluminum alloy in advance by means of prototyping before making a final determination and selection.

Any evaluation of Manifold Quality Extruded Bar will reveal that it provides exceptional mechanical strength and hardness.