Propane Gas in Brookfield CT is Perfect for Wood Stove Backup Heat


You bought a house that has both a centrally located wood stove and a liquid propane furnace. You’re wondering whether you’ll actually need to run the furnace and whether you should bother setting up a contract with a supplier of propane gas in Brookfield CT. It’s true that you may only use a minimal amount of propane if you rely on wood heat. However, having a backup furnace is important for the sake of convenience, and having a contract with a local supplier helps you manage your costs during the cold weather season.

Liquid propane prices can spike to astronomical levels, as was seen in January 2014. With a payment arrangement set up by a service such as the Rural Gas Company, you have an excellent way to manage your budget.

This payment arrangement is similar to those set up by utility providers in homes that heat with natural gas. The propane gas company looks at the annual cost and divides it by 12. You then make one more affordable payment per month rather than an unusually high one during the coldest month of the year. You may even want to set up an automatic withdrawal arrangement in which the monthly payment is charged to a credit or debit card.

Because you’re new to the neighborhood, a supplier of propane gas in Brookfield CT uses the average annual cost of other nearby residents to calculate what you will pay. The amount is later adjusted to reflect your actual usage.

You’ll never have to worry about keeping an eye on the gauge and calling for a delivery if the tank runs low. A driver will bring propane to your tank when he or she is in the neighborhood making other deliveries.

Now you will have backup heat in case the wood stove fire burns out while you’re at work. You can leave town for the weekend or a longer vacation during the winter and not have to get a neighbor to keep the fire going so there’s heat in the house and the plumbing pipes don’t freeze. If you’re ever just too plain tired out from a long work day to deal with getting wood inside for the stove, simply turn up the thermostat for the night.