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Pest Control

Having your home infested with any kind of pest can be a daunting experience to go through, but Insect Control in Tulsa OK can help. One of the most annoying aspects of the situation, is the fact that many insects can burrow deep into your Tulsa home. Termites, for instance, can burrow deeply into the wood of your home. They like to make their nests inside of wood support beams, flooring, walls, and any other location that has thick wood they can dig into. As long as the location has moisture, darkness, and a food supply, they will take up residence and create large colonies in the area to thrive in.

Bed bugs can often be similar to termites, in the way they enter a home and burrow deep into places. They don’t setup colonies like termites, but they can infest large areas in rooms. One of their most common locations can be found in bed mattresses and bedding. Carpets also are an attractive location for bed bugs, due to the fibers being a great place to setup shop. Clothing, curtains, and other fabrics are also at risk of bed bug infestation. Unlike termites, however, bed bugs can be easily prevented from entering your home by simply staying away from cheap or dirty locations like hotels or poverty stricken areas of town. Click here for more details.

Getting rid of each type of insect that could be in your home requires a different type of solution for each species. Bed bugs can be removed by using chemicals or heat lamps to burn them out of the fabrics they live in. Termites have to be removed using a combination of chemicals and physical removal of the damaged portions of wood. Roaches, being so resilient, require harsh chemicals and traps to remove them entirely. Roaches often require two treatments in most cases.

With the right Insect Control in Tulsa OK, your home’s infestation can easily be remedied regardless of the type of insects inside of it. Whether you have termites destroying your home’s support beams, bed bugs biting you in your sleep, or roaches invading your kitchen looking for food, a certified and reputable company like American Services Inc. can help you rid your home of them.