Preparing For The Delivery Of Porta Potty Rentals For Bay City Events

Waste Management

Bay City, Texas, is a great place for a variety of different events throughout the summer months as well as all year round. Outdoor music festivals and concerts, community events, sporting events and even fun days and charity fundraisers are all held throughout the area.

With these events is the need to have appropriate facilities for guests. Even in parts where there are standard restrooms, large crowds mean the needs for additional porta potty locations.

Companies offering porta potty rentals can provide information on how to calculate the number of units required. It is important to have the right number of units on the grounds, as well as to provide handicap accessible units based on the total number of anticipated attendees for the event.

Plan the Location

Before the day of the arrival of the porta potty rentals, spend time in planning where the units should be positioned. In larger venues, there may be several locations for the units to allow easy access.

The porta potties are often positioned close to food courts or beverage service areas. In these situations, the porta potties will need to be located outside of the traffic flow areas to prevent difficulties with crowd management in these locations.

Consider Ease of Positioning

It is beneficial to plan for the porta potty rentals by choosing locations where the trucks can easily deliver and pick-up the units. This means having the locations close to the roads or around the perimeter of open areas where the trucks can easily be maneuvered into position.

For many venues in the Bay City area, the rental company may have a good understanding of the best place to locate the units from past experience. It is a good idea to ask the company when booking the units as they may be able to provide just the information required.