Pre-School in Silver Spring for Children with High Learning Potential


Preschool learning is a unique process, exclusively planned for toddlers who are not mature enough for admission in the compulsory education system. As a responsible parent, you want to offer the best direction and learning for your kids. A lot of people are ready to spend a fortune on their child’s schooling since they want to get them ready for real-life challenges.

In several areas, preschools have come to be known as “infant education” intended for those between the age group 0-3. Yet, in some cases, it is meant for children who are members of the age group of 1-5. Choosing a Pre-School is a difficult charge, especially with so many kids’ institutions opening up in your area.

Many adults think that preschool is the place where you’ll leave your child while you’re at the office. If you ask people around you, several of them probably associate the term “daycare” with babysitting. There is a difference between preschool and daycare. The best preschools select children with the highest learning potential and appropriate maturity to succeed in an atmosphere of learning that is not only enhanced, but is also concentrated.

Here are a few indicators that will help to identify high-potential learners for a Pre-School in Silver Spring:

A strong motivation to initiate learning (may ask lots of “why?” questions)
*  Verbal precocity
Early interest in reading
*  Capacity to understand abstract concepts and ask complex questions
A long attention span when they are interested
*  Keen ability to grasp new ideas quickly
Adult-like sense of humor
*  Preference for older playmates
*  A desire to take things apart and put them together
*  A tendency to be perfectionists about their work
Creative and original play

Educational institutions that provide instruction to preschool children should be forbidden to use the term “daycare”. According to, babysitting is “to take charge of a child while the parent is temporarily away”. A good preschool program is more than babysitting. As students grow, the curriculum should grow with them. The Pre-School in Silver Spring you select should offer math, language arts, science foreign language, drama, music, art and physical education. Your child gains an elevated understanding of the real world while attending preschool as well as enhanced creativity and higher-order thinking skills.