What to Expect from Spokane Sprinkler Repair Services


spokane-sprinklerBehind every great lawn is a great irrigation system. Sprinkler systems provide irrigation for lawns small and large so you can enjoy a plush, green landscape. If even one part of your sprinkler system gets broken, it will affect how well you are able to keep up your beautiful lawn and landscape. Sprinkler Repair services in Spokane, Washington help your irrigation system working efficiently so you do not have to worry about your lawn. The following will describe what sprinkler repair professionals do to help you maintain your lawn.

1. Clogged filter screens – A clogged filter screen on your system causes ineffective operation of your overall irrigation system. Whether your sprinkler system is for a small residential lawn or for a large commercial landscape, clogged filter screens require maintenance and repair.
2. Leaky valves or spray heads – Sometimes the valves and spray heads on sprinkler systems leak around the stem, valves, or heads. Leaks cause you to waste water and money as well as over watering of the areas where the leaking exists. These are two good reasons for getting leaks repaired.
3. Dirt in nozzles or tubing – Dirt can get into the sprinkler nozzles and in the narrow tubing which causes malfunctions in your system. This is not an issue you can neglect to remedy right away.
4. Damaged spray heads – Accidents can happen and sprinkler heads can get damaged. Something heavy can fall on them or someone might accidentally run over one. No matter what, it is important to have the damaged spray heads fixed so your sprinkler system operates efficiently.
5. Functional problems – If you have a system of rotary or pop-up spray heads that malfunction, that is not good. These systems are designed to pop up and rotate for efficient watering of a lawn or landscape. Even if one malfunctions, the whole irrigation system gets thrown off and an area will be left dry over a short time. A quality Sprinkler Repair service can fix this problem so your system does its job.

These are a few examples of repairs that may be needed on a sprinkler system. Sprinkler system experts can also activate a system, monitor zones, set timers according to the climate and conditions, and make adjustments to your sprinkler heads for optimal coverage. Spokane Pro Care provides quality services for lawn maintenance, tree and shrub services, sprinkler maintenance and repair, and other lawn-related services.