Popular Options Available From a Printing Company in Reston


There are many kinds of printing available, and each of them is best used to satisfy different needs thanks to the way they’re done. Offset printing is an older, and therefore more familiar, technology than digital printing. It’s good for those who need huge volumes of items produced with crisp images. The downside is the extensive setup process. Each color is directly applied from a roller, so the setup process is made more extensive when you add more of them. This increased complexity is reflected in increased prices. It is typical to see offset printing costs quoted according to how many colors you need for this reason.

Another benefit of offset printing is the variety of surfaces that can be printed. Almost any kind of paper can be offset printed, as well as many types of non-paper materials.

A modern printing company Reston will also offer digital printing. Digital printing can handle high volumes, and adding more colors won’t increase the production costs. It is also very fast, and the type of machines used at printing companies can produce thousands of copies in just a few minutes. You may wonder what there is about it that’s not to love! Alas, there are a couple of drawbacks. Digital printing uses technology that is, in simple terms, an upgraded version of a computer printer. Therefore, it can be hard to get the same image crispness that is available with offset. Another limitation is that digital printers can only handle certain types of papers.

In many cases, the actual printing is only part of a print-related job. If you buy 10,000 flyers, for example, they’ll only do you any good if you can also get them distributed. While you could spend days on end folding them all and putting stamps on them, you’ll probably be much better off if you can get your printing company Reston to take care of this work. Fortunately, business-oriented printing houses are equipped to do exactly that. Quality Graphics & Printing, for example, can process a mailing job within 48 hours in most cases.

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