Playground Rubber Flooring Enhances Safety


Making playgrounds safer is very important. Hundreds of children annually are injured during falls from equipment, playground rubber flooring can improve the safety of a playground area tremendously and reduce the risk of injury. Children need to be protected while having fun at play. Flooring made for the playground is an easy way to add that layer of protection and keep them safe! The right themed playground rubber flooring will also enhance the aesthetics of the area.

The Qualities to Look For

Ensuring that you choose the best protective flooring for a playground area starts with knowing what qualities to look for. The right flooring options will offer:

  • Durability
  • Easy installation options
  • Be weather proof for outdoor areas
  • Provide fatigue resistance
  • EDPM 22mm material
  • Be aesthetically appealing

The right flooring has to be durable, it must be able to stand up to heat and cold and other weather elements for you to be able to get the use out of it that you need. It should be easy to install and look great once it is installed.

Looks Good and Prevents Fatigue

Choosing the right flooring will provide safety and will be engaging for the children. Bright colorful flooring makes the entire play area a true child’s space of enjoyment. The right flooring will prevent little legs from growing weary the way hard ground can.


Purchasing playground flooring from a trusted source will provide you with a wide range of style options that are appealing, well-built and safety proven. Taking advantage of the ability to protect children during play and really adding a decorative touch to the space is an easy decision to make. Shopping for your playground needs including safety flooring at Arihant ensures that you will find exactly what you need and enjoy safe play!