How to Choose Flowers for a Funeral Service in Layton, UT

Funeral Services

The flowers that are sent to a funeral carry a special meaning. Therefore, knowing about their symbology can make it easier to make a selection.


For instance, lilies are often used in funeral arrangements. Whilst the flowers are associated with various meanings, they often are used to denote an innocence that was again restored. White stargazer lilies are frequently adapted for use at funeral services.

Gladiolus Flowers

You may also send gladiolus flowers for a funeral service in Layton, UT. These floral tributes, which can stand as tall as four feet, feature a stem with several flowers. A traditional choice for a funeral service, gladiolus flowers are used to express moral integrity and strength of character. The flowers are featured in a myriad of colors.


Flowers for a funeral service may also include carnations. These flowers, which preserve well, represent remembrance when they are colored pink. White carnations symbolize true love.


Besides carnations, chrysanthemums are often displayed at funerals as well. In some countries in Europe, such as France and Spain, these flowers are the only floral tributes displayed at a funeral. In the US, this flower is considered a symbol of truth.

The Various Meanings of Roses

Roses also serve as flowers for a funeral service. These versatile floral arrangements carry different meanings, depending on the color of the rose. For example, a white rose symbolizes humility or innocence, while red roses express love. Pink roses signify appreciation and love, while dark crimson roses are an indication of sorrow. Yellow is used to show strong bonds, while a single rose featured in a funeral bouquet symbolizes eternal love.


Orchids are yet other symbolic arrangements that are used as flowers for a funeral service. These flowers, when colored white and pink, represent eternal love. Orchid species used as sympathy tributes include the dendrobium and phalaenopsis varieties.

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