Plan Ahead for Your Family with Estate Planning

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Estate planning is very important even though most people do not realize it. They believe that either they know what will happen to their estate once they die, or they believe the law will do what is right by their families. Both of these misconceptions are incorrect. People need to have a living trust or Will in place in order to protect their families, and make sure their estate is administered smoothly. The state of Georgia has many laws in place regarding probate. It is important to hire an estate planning attorney in Atlanta that is knowledgeable concerning these laws, and knows how to accurately set up living trusts and Wills.

Living Trusts and Wills: Protect the Future of Your Family

Regardless of your family situation, you should have a Will in place. A Will ensures that your assets and property are distributed properly rather than leaving it up to the law. The law is a bad substitute concerning the decision making process that occurs with an individual’s property after their death. When you take the necessary steps to contact a professional estate planning attorney, you are making sure that a living trust or Will protects your property and assets. People that want to protect their families need to invest in these types of legal services to ensure a secure future for them.

Professional Estate Planning Attorneys Help You Plan Your Estate

One of the most common estate planning documents is a Will. It is known to be the center piece of estate planning. A Will elects a person that will manage an estate and instructs them concerning how you wish your estate to be distributed. In order to make sure your Will is written in a valid manner that ensures an easier probate process; it is imperative to use the services of an experienced estate planning attorney. They understand the entire process and how the exact forms needed are to be filled out and executed to give you the results you seek.

Further Protect Yourself and Your Family

A valid estate plan consists of a Will or living trust that is accompanied by a healthcare directive and an FPOA, a financial power of attorney. A FPOA gives a person the authorization to handle financial transactions on your behalf. This is useful in a few situations such as suffering from an infirmity that is long term, and requires assistance in managing personal finances, or a sudden incapacity where you require someone to immediately act on your behalf. Make sure your family is covered by having these important documents executed by qualified estate planning attorneys that are capable of filling in the correct forms, as well as drawing them up in a manner you request in accordance with state laws.

The Libby Law Firm is located in Georgia and offers many estate planning services for people that want to make sure the future of their families are secure. Contact an estate planning attorney at the Libby Law Firm to learn more about their extensive estate planning services.