Considerations Prior to Breast Enlargement Surgery


When you decide to have Atlanta Breast Enlargement surgery, there are a number of considerations that you should make. Your surgeon will present you with the options that are available and the results that you can expect. Some of the other considerations that you should keep in made are highlighted here.

Preparing for Surgery

Selecting a reputable surgeon for your procedure is paramount. You need to feel comfortable discussing what you want to achieve with the procedure, which will ensure that you have realistic expectations for the results. Some of the topics to discuss with your surgeon include the shape, size and type of implants you will receive, as well as where the incision will be located.

Your medical history will be required as well as current medications that you are taking when you decide to have the procedure. There are some medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, that will interfere with your blood clotting and can increase the risks associated with the surgery you are having.

In most situations you will be advised to halt the use of these medications for a few days before the procedure. You will also be instructed to stop smoking up to two months prior to the operation. This is due to the fact that smoking can impair the healing process by a significant amount

Your clinic will also provide you with guidelines that you need to follow prior to the surgery. When you follow this advice strictly, it will reduce the chances that a risk or complication will be associated with the breast enlargement procedure, which will facilitate a much more successful and positive outcome.

When it comes to things such as your return to work, exercise and any medications for after the procedure, you will be provided with specific instructions.

It is important to come to the clinic on time during the day of your breast enlargement procedure. You should also wear loose fitting clothing that you will be able to replace and remove easily. You also need to be certain that you have someone present to take you home after the procedure and to take care of you for a few days after you return to your normal life, as the discomfort may require you to have some assistance with daily tasks.

If you have been considering Atlanta breast enlargement procedures, contact Robert A. Colegrove today. We can help you to achieve the results you want quickly and efficiently.