Physical Therapy for Your Child’s Toe Walking in Avondale, AZ

Pediatric Therapist

Toe walking is common when babies are learning to walk. As they toddle about, walking on tip toes is part of the process as they learn to balance and motivate. As children get older, they generally stop tippy-toe-ing in favor of using their whole foot when walking and running instead of just the balls of their feet. Some children, however, continue to toe walk, and physical therapy can help.

Physical Therapy for Toe Walking

Quality Toe walking physical therapy in Avondale, AZ is available for infants to young adults, though most toe walking patients are children. The major focus of the physical therapy entails stretching Achilles tendons and calves to help loosen muscles that could be causing the toe walking.

Physical therapy can be the most beneficial when parents or caregivers work with the child at home between regular PT appointments. This helps to keep up the momentum and to help ensure the child becomes familiar with the exercises.

Why Your Child Toe Walks

The answer can be as simple as your child likes to walk that way. Often there is no clear-cut diagnosis to be found. A physical exam might uncover an Achilles tendon that is shorter than it needs to be for your child to walk using their whole foot. Toe walking can sometimes be a symptom of cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, or muscular dystrophy.

Meet the Physical Therapist

Before you begin to worry, keep in mind that most children do outgrow toe walking. Toe walking physical therapy in Avondale, AZ can help you and your child focus on improvements being made.