How to Know When Your Toddler Should See a Glendale Speech Therapist

Pediatric Therapist

It can be difficult to recognize when a young child is experiencing a speech problem since toddlers develop at different rates. If you know the signs of speech challenges, you’ll be able to determine when your toddler needs speech therapy for children in Glendale, AZ. This will involve observing your child’s interactions with others and their attempts to express themselves.

Observe Vocabulary

As toddlers age, their vocabulary should naturally develop to include more words. By 18 months, your child should be using more than 20 words. By age two, your child should have a minimum of 50 words in their vocabulary. If you notice that your child isn’t meeting these standards, you should take steps to determine whether the problem is a learning disability or a speech problem.

Poor Pronunciation

This problem can be more challenging to identify. It involves observing how your child pronounces words and listening for a variety of sounds. If your toddler seems to be using the same sounds for most of their words, they may have a problem with articulation. Speech therapy can help address this issue.

Listening and Comprehending

Your toddler may also need speech therapy for children in Glendale, AZ, if they seem to have trouble understanding simple sentences. By the time your child is two years old, they should understand 300 words or more. If they don’t comprehend simple statements, such as “get your jacket”, a speech therapist may be able to help.

Antisocial Behavior

You can also identify this type of problem by watching how your child interacts with other kids. If they seem antisocial, the problem may actually have something to do with the development of their speech abilities.