Pet Medical Care in Fort Bend Includes Skin Treatments


Dogs may itch for various reasons. However, when a dog constantly itches, licks, bites, or chews to the point of hurting himself, then the scratching results from an underlying pathology. The term veterinarians use for excessive scratching is pruritus. Pruritus ranks as the second most common reason why pet owners take their dog to the vet. The first reason is gastrointestinal issues.

The Two Main Reasons a Dog Scratches

While the causes for pruritus may be complicated, the two primary reasons that owners seek pet medical care in Fort Bend has to do with dry skin or allergies. If your dog has dry skin, you will see flakes of dandruff when you part their hair. The skin itself will be tough and cracked. Even touching the skin lightly can trigger your canine to scratch.

What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

While dry skin can be influenced by the environment, it can also be caused by your pet’s diet. Doctors at Greatwood Veterinary Hospital encourage pet owners to feed dogs nutritional foods instead of foods that are processed or contain byproducts. The food a dog eats should contain ingredients that improve the condition of the coat and skin. Therefore, feed your canine moist dog food versus dry dog food, and add digestive enzymes, if needed, to their diet. Make sure the dog receives plenty in the way of fresh filtered drinking water as well.

Don’t Use a Blow Dryer

In addition to feeding your dog the right food, pet medical care providers suggest using plain water and a moisturizing shampoo with humectants when giving a dog a bath. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. Never dry your dog’s hair with a blow dryer.

Make an Appointment

Pet medical care providers also suggest adding supplements to meals in the form of flaxseed oil, kelp powder, spirulina, or alfalfa. However, methods of treating a dry skin condition vary with the dog. So, schedule an appointment today with your vet if your dog has dry skin or is itching excessively.