Performance Benefits of Keeping Air Conditioners in Wichita Clean

Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners who wish to make sure their Air conditioners in Wichita last as long as possible will need to plan to have routine maintenance done on the system. Most units are designed to last 15 to 25 years if they receive regular maintenance. Since replacing a unit can be costly, this can make it extremely important to keep the existing unit in good repair. In addition, a well maintained unit can also help in keeping energy costs lower.

One of the main reasons Air Conditioners develop issues is due to too much dirt clogging the system. Most systems tend to collect a great deal of dirt, hair and other matter inside and outside of the various components. Since dirt buildup can affect how efficiently and effectively the unit operates, cleaning this matter out can be essential in making sure the unit lasts a long time. Cleaning the dirt can be accomplished by using a vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle attachment. In addition, a brush should be used to clean dirt from vents on the system so air can flow through the unit properly.

The air filter on air conditioners in Wichita will also need to be inspected. The filter is designed to collect the majority of the dirt and other matter than moves through the system. However, if the filter is too dirty to allow air to pass through, the unit will need to work much harder to cool the home. This also puts a strain on the unit and it will often cause energy bills to increase dramatically. The filter should be checked and replaced if necessary on a monthly basis when the unit is running daily.

In addition to cleaning the unit inside the home, it is important to spend time cleaning the unit found outside of the home as well. This unit contains the condenser and compressor. Since the unit is out in the elements, it may have collected large debris, such as branches, leaves, trash and other matter. This will need to be cleared from the unit. The housing unit will need to be removed to access the coils and fins on the system. The coils should be cleaned with a vacuum or a high pressured water hose. Coil cleaner may be needed for areas where dirt is especially bad. The fins should be cleaned with a soft brush to prevent them from becoming misaligned.

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