Genuine and Natural Looking Hair Replacement in Westchester County, NY

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Health

There are many reasons why women lose their hair. For some women it is just a matter of heredity. Shifting hormones, age, medication and stress can all cause hair loss. The damage from over processing hair with straighteners and coloring products can cause severe hair loss. Skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis can also cause a lot of damage to hair. Finally, of course, one of the most detrimental causes is from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

In the end it really does not make a difference why a woman is losing her hair. Once bald patches begin to appear, every woman wants something done immediately. Head scarves and hats are acceptable, but they are not what they average woman wants every day. Hair to style, to see, to run their fingers through is what they want and need.

It is not just about vanity but about normalcy and feeling healthy. It is about feeling like themselves again, an important step in illness recovery. That is why all women who are seeing thinning hair in the mirror should consider alternative hair solutions. Hair Replacement in Westchester County, NY is not just about putting on another wig. It is about giving you options so you can have real hair.

This is a hair solution which allows you to keep whatever you still have of your own natural hair. It can replace all hair or just small patches of missing hair. It is guaranteed to not damage any existing hair you currently have. You will be able to live your normal life with the alternative hair solution. Sleep in your hair, shower, swim anything you could do before, you can do now.

No matter how extensive your hair loss is, in less than three hours you could be back to having a full head of hair again. This is real human hair which can be colored and styled to blend in with your own hair and become undetectable, even up close.



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