NYC NY Interior Design Basics: Venetian Plaster

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When considering interior design every detail from the curtains to the walls can make a huge difference in how a room looks. For instance, adding a textured or marble surface to your home could make an ordinary space seem lush and lavish. Decorfin NYC NY has a wide variety of Venetian plaster finishes that you can browse through to help transform your home from basic to attractive. For those who are new to interior design, it might be worth learning a bit more about Venetian plaster before deciding to use it in your home.

The Basics

Venetian plaster has fast become one of the top materials professionals use when dealing with NYC NY Interior Design. It is very common for walls and ceilings in residential properties. The mixture is composed of plaster and marble dust. Once the plaster is put on the walls and left to dry it will form into a highly polished, smooth surface with the illusion that the walls have texture and depth.
For homeowners that want a bit of style added to their design choice adding some tint or color to the plaster can make a huge difference in the way it looks. Many say that coloring the plaster makes it appear more like marble which is high in demand and very attractive to look at.

Hiring a Professional

It is not suggested that you try applying Venetian plaster to your walls on your own. The plaster can be very difficult to manage, apply, and even paint correctly. This is why most will hire a professional NYC NY Interior Design paint company to assist with the job. They are able to not only help in selecting the best paint types, but they will ensure that the plaster has been properly applied and that the paint is added correctly so that it does not create a hardened matte finish.

Venetian plaster could be the very thing you need to turn your home into your own safe haven. Shop around for decorating ideas and wall finish choices that best suit your home online. By visiting sites of companies such as Decorfin NYC NY, you will save time and money on some of the latest trends to date.