Binding or Nonbinding Estimates from a Moving Company in Hawaii

Moving Services

If you’re considering moving to Hawaii whether it’s for business or it’s for personal reasons or perhaps you’re considering moving away, you’ll need to find the right moving company in Hawaii to handle your relocation. Just like any other place in the country, you’ll find a wide variety of different movers in the state of Hawaii. Unfortunately, not all movers are created equally so you’ll need to be very careful about the companies you choose. However, one area that you should pay close attention to is what type of bids the moving company uses when they quote your price on the cost for relocating.

In the moving industry, there are two types of bids you can receive. These types of bids are binding estimates and nonbinding estimates. The first, a binding estimate is usually what you want to look for when getting quotes for the cost of a moving service. A binding estimate will be a final price that you pay regardless of any extenuating circumstances that might arise during your move. A binding estimate won’t have you looking at your final moving bill and seeing extra fees and extra costs added on to the price you were initially quoted.

When you’re talking about moving from the state of Hawaii perhaps to the mainland, you’ll often times find that many moving companies will refuse to do a binding estimate and they will often offer you a nonbinding estimate. This means that the quote that they give you is a ballpark figure. However, if the weight of your possessions exceed what was estimated, you could be charged more. In addition, if there is more logistical issues in moving your possessions from the island of Hawaii to the mainland, this could represent a higher cost than you were initially quoted.

Often times, if you’re moving locally, from one part of island to another, you’ll routinely receive binding estimates. However, if you’re moving a great distance, such as off the island Hawaii completely, you may have to prepare yourself for nonbinding estimates as there is little a moving company can do to accurately estimate your final cost in a move that could be so logistically challenging.